The hidden hazards of perfectionism

Are you the sort of person who takes pride in their work? Who likes things done ‘properly’? Do other people describe you as a perfectionist, or say that you have very black and white thinking?

Being a perfectionist is a perfectly OK thing to be. For a start, people with perfectionist tendencies are often high achievers, and perfectionism has almost certainly played a hand in helping them to get there. Perfectionism has also been linked with creativity, and is associated with qualities such as being talented or ‘gifted’.

Perfectionism has also been linked with creativity, and is associated with qualities such as being talented or ‘gifted’.

But sometimes these positive qualities of perfectionism might shift a tiny bit into the not-so-positive zone. And when that happens, you might find yourself a in a place where wanting things to be a particular way is holding you back at work, or causing you to be extra-harsh on yourself, or focussing more on what hasn’t gone perfectly instead of celebrating what went really well.

Introducing the perfection series

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  • improve your wellbeing,
  • reduce perfectionism-related stress,
  • and keep perfectionism squarely in the “healthy pursuit of excellence” zone.

Firstly, you’ll hear why perfectionism and procrastination are some of the kinkiest bedfellows around and the one thing you can tweak to increase your happiness and get more efficient at the same time.

In the next update, you’ll find out about how your wellbeing is affected by perfectionism, and the connection between perfectionism, self-compassion and achievement.

The series will wrap up with a look at how perfectionism can impact your relationships with people at home and in the workplace, and how you can use a simple tool to figure out where striving for perfection helps you and where it’s holding you back.

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