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Coming to peace with body image

Over the years, lovers have often complimented me on how relaxed I am naked. I would not say I have a smoking hot body in the mainstream sense of that concept. Definitely I appreciate it as a physical and sexual vehicle, though. Body image is a contentious issue for many. A few weeks ago, someone was asking me how I came to be so comfortable in my own skin. I had to give it some thought because it was a long time since I’d grappled meaningfully with the topic. In Continue Reading

Challenge tsunami? Here’s one approach

You can transform your life faster than-3

Danielle La Porte says you shouldn't write about hard times until they're over, and that sounds like good advice to me. But frankly, it's also important to be authentic with you and share that life is not all puppies and roses. So, here goes a bit of background on the challenges that most recently knocked me around: In the last two months I had a giganormous breakup, which involved finding a new place to live, a few deaths in the family, a bit of uncertainty on when a Continue Reading

3 tweaks to instantly transform your work life balance

As someone who is in the business of helping people find work life balance, I'll tell you it's not as simple as it sounds. As much as it would make things a billion times easier, there's no 'work life balance'  switch that once flicked sets everything in perfect equilibrium. And sadly, the balance fairy is not waiting in the wings to fix this curly one for you either. Achieving work life balance is a delicate and constant practice of tweaking, shifting, and prioritising. Continue Reading